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A Life Education Portal and blueprint for the survival of humanity

The silent majority have been raised in ignorance and therefore suffer for some unexplained cause. So When things go wrong, it's always some one else's fault.

The unenlightened will act to a lower nature and they can still be somewhat democratic but it's not governance that's the problem, it's that too many live as believers - believing in their (religion) superiority and rights to possess/control before others. The intelligence factor within the majority patriarchal establishment is purposefully diminished so that people can be commodified and exploited for what amounts to selfish pleasure. Looking at the world today, colonialism which is an expression of failing to become human remains a potent force as in infects those (countries) it touches. To understand these points, you must know your history and be able to see that we are consequences of karma.

Recent Posts

The Noah flood story.
Intended as a metaphor to describe patriarchal capitalism which at the time of writing the Bible could not be spoken about the girls as with Galileo later on, speaking the truth would likely cost you your head and the heads of anyone who happen to agree with you... Read

A Chronology of Hindu History.
India is often overlooked or even dismissed as unimportant in the worlds history books, yet new evidence is revealing it to be the mother of what we call modern civilisation. It's history is being re-written from emerging discoveries... Read

The Garden of Eden has been found
. You may well laugh as in the absence of evidence for the traditional narrative as there is no immediately rational incentive to say that there is yet we have learned throughout our history that there is often some truth behind the legend... Read

Meditation is actually a natural process for human beings and it is largely intuitive. People have been meditating and if we take Buddhist culture as an example, we can see there is a profound peacefulness and respect for life within that culture... Read

The Indus Valley Civilisation
remains as a testament to human ingenuity in the face of the hostilities from patriarchal capitalism and it's attempt dominate the modern world and destroy the last bastion of Dharma that ironically is manifesting in all Western societies....

The Garden of Eden and the Fall of Man 
What was the first choice made by man after his creation? It was too eat the forbidden fruit that Azazel offered him at the cost of being expelled from Paradise. So, choosing the world - what did it mean to choose the world?... Read

A living testament to an ancient past more relevant today than ever. Hinduism has outlived all the worlds great empires and provides valuable solutions of modern living.. Read

The Big Picture
- a summary of world history and how humanity arrived at now. An essential background to self identity. Read

The Story of Omar
Omar was on his way to becoming a young Prince, people did as he asked and he dreams of even greater riches.. One man begins a global transformation and shapes the world of today. Read

The Old Testament

The sons of Adam and Eve then went on to have children and the lineage is described, but where did their wives come from?
History exposed. Read

What is Dharma?

Dharma is a way of being in the world that sustains and celebrates life. It is about being happy for the sake of happiness and no ulterior motive.

India, broken and subjugated?

Once the worlds largest, richest, and most literate civilization was broken and continues to be oppressed. Read why

"Arguing with a person who has renounced the use of reason
is like administering medicine to the dead."
~ Thomas Paine

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