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An epidemic of ignorance

Rape has always existed throughout human evolution as a short term expression of fulfilling desires but under patriarchal capitalism it has become part of our cultural character.

In primitive tribal societies where there existed a healthy fear of inbreeding, young men would go out and capture themselves a wife from a neighbouring tribe. This was accepted as a way of maintaining genetic diversity and women were always traded to cement political or economic agreements between tribes and kingdoms.

In times of war it has been customary for conquering troops to rape the women in addition to the general looting and destruction but let's not forget the millions of men and women who have been kidnapped and sold into slavery. The culture of rape has been around for a very long time and it is one of those topics that's politely not spoken about.

A woman's body was never her own and nor were men's as they are always subservient to current social and political needs. A woman's body has always been a channel for new life but today women are attempting to make a political statement in claiming the autonomy of their bodies and yet their minds remain corrupted by fashionable ideologies.

This culture of rape that we live in has been problematic for thousands of years and shaped our modern world. The driving forces are embodied within patriarchal capitalism where the welfare of the ruling elite are dependent on the working classes.

Given that most people identify themselves by their name, work and social class very few people identify themselves as genuine human beings free of the trappings of whatever culture they were raised in. Most of us have a notion of human rights and in reaction to the culture of rape, me too and other ideologies have been born yet they are incapable of making any meaningful change because they have yet to escape the cultural ideologies they are fighting against.

The only solution requires a civilisational shift or a global shift in consciousness away from patriarchal capitalism and its rape culture to a society where men and women can learn to be more complete or more fully human. Such a world would eliminate the need for patriarchal capitalism and with a little adjustment, our education systems would focus more on what it means to be human than training people to be another cog in the machine that drives the existing rape culture.

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