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  • The Big Picture - a summary of word history and how humanity arrived at now. An essential background read to participate in leading humanity.
  • A Chronology of Hindu History A4 or A5 - Legend has it that we emerged from Africa, however evidence shows that civilisation originated in India, from this page.
  • Maths a Secret History by Dr Naila Hussain.
  • Does history matter? A long summary (3.39 MB) of world history "in the making" primarily for researchers to contribute towards and communicate. Note this is a working document that has not been updated for several years. It's the authors hope that you may be incentivised to add to this research by corroborating or negating some of the content. 

Oppositional politics, patriarchal capitalism and the market economy are the cause of injustice, perpetual conflict and suffering. The only possibility of genuine peace under these current economic and political systems is a false peace by regulation and subjugation. A genuine human awakening and an appreciation of Dharma is the only solution to create peace and generate happiness.


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